Recensione di Nick Parastatidis per Behind the Veil Webzine (Grecia)


Plato’s cave is an allegory. This allegory says that people are used to seeing the shadows of the ideas and not the real and pure ideas. It is the essence of Plato’s teaching who supports that the material world we live in is of lesser quality in comparison with the perfect world of ideas. This is a very interesting and attractive teaching which was transformed in religions and political systems to make people sacrifice themselves for a better world that exists in our fantasy instead of fighting to improve the world that we live in (there is no doubt that Plato is the favorite philosopher of totalitarian politicians and religious men). It seems though that this allegory has inspired the Italian band PLATO’S CAVE (at least as a band name).

THE COVER: It is a picture that shows a luxurious room and behind a table an aristocrat standing on his feet and a maid on her knees. As you see the image you think that the maid is used as a pleasure instrument for the master. On the back cover though, it is made clear that the maid is on her knees in front of the master in order to gather some broken glasses. It is a very clever artwork that fits to the title of the album which in English is translated as servant and master.

MUSICAL STYLE: Now this is the hard part for me to describe the sound of PLATO’S CAVE. I am a fan of heavy metal and rock is not a field that I have a huge experience. Just let me tell you that I have listened to the basic bands of this genre. On some sites on the Internet I found that they describe the band’s sound as art rock, which is actually a fitting description since the band experiments with the rock sound and combines it with other musical styles. Personally, though, I think that PLATO’S CAVE plays late 60’s – 70’s inspired progressive rock music.

COMPOSITIONS: The album includes 12 compositions that range from atmospheric rock style in the vein of ANATHEMA to progressive rock and especially influenced by bands like PINK FLOYD and sometimes they even flirt with hard rock (there are moments they reminded me of JETHRO TULL). The band also uses the Italian language in the lyrics.

CONCLUSION: No matter what the kind of music that someone listens to is, if he wants to be just, we have to admit it if an album is good or bad. PLATO’S CAVE did an impressive work and their album is a product of a lot of work, talent and inspiration. It is an album that will satisfy the people who are into art or progressive rock.